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Re: Database editors

Tom Ritchford wrote suggesting "@newpassword".
(and "help me:@newpassword and @verbs $wiz)

I thank him greatly for the help. this is the command I wanted. But:

My comments:

Hmm. @verbs $wiz gives:

@verbs $wiz
;verbs(#52) => {"@chown", "@grant @grants*", "@programmer", "@shutdown",
-d*atabase", "@who-calls", "mcd_2", "@toad*", "@untoad @detoad", "@quota",
ayers", "kill_aux_wizard_parse", "@grepcore @egrepcore", "@net-who @@who",
ke-player", "@abort-sh*utdown", "toad_msg toad_victim_msg programmer_msg
mmer_victim_msg newt_msg newt_victim_msg", "moveto", "@newt", "@unnewt @denewt
@get-better", "@log", "@guests", "@rn mail_catch_up check_mail_lists
ssage set_current_message get_current_message make_current_message
_message @subscribed", "@blacklist @graylist @redlist @unblacklist @ungraylist
@unredlist @spooflist @unspooflist", "@copyo*bject", "@corify", "@make-guest",
"clue", "@wiz-boot", "@idlers @kill-idlers @kill-useless @useless
cted @unconnected", "@report", "@immortal*ize", "@zap", "@chmod", "@grepjhcore
@egrepjhcore", "@make-core-db", "renumber_for_core", "@idlers(core)",

which doesn't include anything to do with passwords of any kind.

and help wiz-index gives:

$site_db[1]             @@who[2]                @abort-shutdown[3]
blacklist[4]            @blacklist[5]           @chown[6]
@denewt[7]              @detoad[8]              @dump-database[9]
@egrep[10]              @grant[11]              graylist[12]
@graylist[13]           @grep[14]               @grepcore[15]
@guests[16]             @log[17]                make-core-database[18]
@make-guest[19]         @make-player[20]        @net-who[21]
@newt[22]               @players[23]            @programmer[24]
@quota[25]              @recycle[26]            redlist[27]
@redlist[28]            @shout[29]              @shutdown[30]
@toad[31]               @unnewt[32]             @untoad[33]
@who-calls[34]          wiz-index[35]

which also includes nothing to do with passwords.

help @password does not mention the @new-password/@newpassword command.

Even a @grepcore password _doesn't_ find any reference to @newpassword!

How can this be!?!? How is a person supposed to find/know about/etc
the @newpassword command??


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