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Re: Database editors

>Tom Ritchford wrote suggesting "@newpassword".
>(and "help me:@newpassword and @verbs $wiz)
>I thank him greatly for the help. this is the command I wanted. But:
>My comments:
>Hmm. @verbs $wiz gives:
>@verbs $wiz

[a large list NOT containing @newpassword!]

Hmmm... on the two MOOs I was on at that moment,
@newpassword is on $wiz for both of them!

Someone's been playing with $wiz there and has not improved it
for the better.

If @newpassword functions for you, try typing @list me:@newpassword
to see which object really does define the verb for you!

I wouldn't have posted this to the list but it brings up an interesting
question that's been in my mind.  I've been changing the generic room,
container and player on my MOO, but in order to do this I've actually
created a new child of the originals that I've done the mods on, which
I then @chparented all the old items to.

This works well... but I'm wondering if there's going to be a performance
hit somehow... since I now have an extra level of parenting between
each room, player and container for most verbs.



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