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MOO Gate System (was Re: Database Editors)

[someone suggests using a database editor to port objects]

> Okay, so maybe this isn't the best idea for a database editor.  I just 
> came up with it and tossed it in to see what people thought.  I agree, it 
> would be better if someone created a porting object to handle porting 
> between MOOs... maybe one logs into the second via $network and sends the 
> object?

I once created a MOO-Gate system that would allow anyone to call certain
verbs on the other side (or other sides, as it could be, because I made
it forward messages).  Basically, it was kindof like a protocol that would
pass information from one MOO to another.  Using this, I was able to 
port objects.  It was very nice... I would call

$gate:send("MOOname", "remote_page","Enigma", "Hi there!");

or something like that, and it would send a message through other MOOs
eventually to "MOOname", and there would call (if it existed) 
$gate:gv_remote_page (gv = gate verb) with whatever arguments that were
passed through the send (doing an 'un-literal()'... actually, I just
$no_one:eval()d it).  On the original side, it would suspend and wait
for a return code from the remote side, and then would $gate:send
would return it.
I was also going to do security so that a person could do porting, etc,
however, since it goes through multiple MOOs, it would be difficult to
ensure that somewiz somewhere along the line didn't steal passwords, 

I abandoned the project since school started (actually, I've abandoned
several projects since school starts).

Does anyone know if something like this has been done?  If not, would
people be interested in it?


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