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Re: MOO Gate System (was Re: Database Editors)

> [someone suggests using a database editor to port objects]

Brand, a/k/a Defender@RiverMOO, had done something similar to what
you're talking about a while back (but not the same).  It was called
@autoport and had a much better facility to port objects/verbs from than
@dump.  Your method, however, sounds pretty cool.  I've never seen it, and it 
sounds interesting...

But while on this topic of conversation, my original purpose for thinking
up the idea of the database editor was:

1) I wanted a DOS/Linux/Windows interface to the MOO database rather than
   editing it directly
2) I had received a copy of a DOS MOO a while back and couldn't get the core
   (LambdaCore) to work, I had wanted to delete $spell and run it that way
   (at the time, I wasn't aware of the stripped database available on and am lazy so I wanted a quick kludge, DB editor would be
   the perfect thing for this...

I know about the local-editing capabilities of EMACS and Tinyfugue, i'm not
too interested in them.  I am kind of looking for a nicer interface to do
editing, even with cut-and-paste it doesn't suit my needs, and besides,
editing the stuff on the DOS-half of my Linux machine and moving the db
directly over to the Lin partition sounds really attractive to me.

You're right; this would probably involve (depending on how you do it,
and I emphasize _PROBABLY_) some serious porting of some LambdaMOO code
to do it.  Somebody had said they ported MOO to DOS and was working on OS/2.
I am seriously interested in seeing MOO ported to other architectures, even
though it runs on Linux this really isn't the same for me. (specifically 
DOS/Windows (WFWG, WinNT, Win95) platforms)..  I'm not saying I want somebody
to code this, just interested in the lively debate that would ensue when I
brought it up.  IMHO I don't see any reason for there -not- to be a database
editing program, despite Andrew [Bakun]'s points (which had some merit, I
might add).  Password/wizbit things are perfectly good for this, and if you
are running a MOO over a local Ethernet network it might be a good idea to 
have something like this to just move the database over or even NFS/Samba
mount it.  Wouldn't mind seeing a full-featured MS Windows client that did
this, does anybody have the competent experience to develop such a beast?
I find MUD clients for GUIs pretty lacking these days (for X and MSWin

Sorry if i'm not making any sense, it's been a long night...


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