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Re: Mac verison of LambdaMOO

At 2:09 PM 9/14/95, Rich Connamacher wrote:
>> There is a MacMOO, but I don't believe it is currently supported, and I
>> have heard that it is not an excellent implementation (This is what I have
>> heard; no offense to the authors).  Your other option is to get MachTen,
>> though at $695, that's not a very attractive option :)
>> Matt Pauker
>Or get Linux.  It has been ported to 680x0 Macintosh, and, last I heard, is
>being ported to Power Macintosh as well.

There's no Linux available for the 68k Mac or the PowerMac, although there
is a Linux PPC project
( project underway.
For the 68k Mac, there is Mac version of NetBSD, though it's only for the
68k Macs - Doesn't work on the PPC.

Matt Pauker


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