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Re: Mac verison of LambdaMOO

On Thu, 14 Sep 1995, Matt Pauker wrote:

> There's no Linux available for the 68k Mac or the PowerMac, although there
> is a Linux PPC project
> ( project underway.
> For the 68k Mac, there is Mac version of NetBSD, though it's only for the
> 68k Macs - Doesn't work on the PPC.

I thought I saw a report that the 68k Linux project has been completed, 
atleast to a beta stage.

There is a problem with NetBSD: it only works on CPU's BEFORE 68040.  It 
won't work on any 68040 Macintoshes.  Since the Power Macintosh line 
uses an 040 emulator, it won't work there either.  Howabout someone 
make a 68030 emulator?  :-)

Speaking of emulators, I always had a dream of writing a Cray emulator on 
an Atari 2600.  Anyone with an ATARI cartridge emulator that I can write 
it on?  =)



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