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Re: $code_utils:show_who_listing editing

At 10:17 PM 9/17/95, James Renken wrote:
>I would like to edit my $code_utils:show_who_listing verb, which is the
>in LambdaCore currently, so that, instead of the default, it shows:
>Status    Name        Conn.  Idle  Quote
>WPBSp     MrX (#0)    2h     1m    I program, therefore I am.
>>Extra stuff deleted<<

If there's one verb I hate more than any other in the LambdaCore, it's
$code_utils:show_who_listing().  It's 100+ lines for something that could
probably be done in < 70.
My suggestion is to create a completely new verb, and write it from
scratch.  It's a hell of a lot easier.

Matt Pauker

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