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Re: $code_utils:show_who_listing editing

On Sun, 17 Sep 1995, James Renken wrote:

> I would like to edit my $code_utils:show_who_listing verb, which is the standard
> in LambdaCore currently, so that, instead of the default, it shows:
> Status    Name        Conn.  Idle  Quote
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> WPBSp     MrX (#0)    2h     1m    I program, therefore I am.
> Status: W for wizard, P for programmer, B for builder, S for staff (via .staff 
> prop), p for a plain player (in that order).


> I've tried doing all this, but it's maddening to edit $c_u:s_w_l...

Hmmm.. Actually, i don't see your problem... Unless you use the InMOO 
editor (which sucks royal, with any verb, no matter what.) If you use it, 
try to get TF (TinyFugue) and LeDormants TF-editor macros. (or someone elses)
It will let you edit with your fav editor, like Joe or Emacs.
What you need to do is just tell_lines a list. Best thing is to make a 
big list with everything it, and tell_lines it to the player in the end. 
(Because that way it is less lag-garbled and less hackable for phony 
'who'listings. We have had that problem in our MOO once)

Personally, i wouldn't put all the Stats on it, for most obviously, a 
Wizard is both a builder and a programmer, a progammer is most obviously 
a builder and a player, and a Staffmember (if it is what i think it is) 
is like a programmer. 

If you need help, we can rig you a bare who listing like you want it, so 
you can edit it to your taste.

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