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[TALK] Guests or not?

OK, here is a dilemma, which I will most likely resolve by wimping out
and not having guests.. but in some ways I'd like to be able to allow
them, so I'll bring the issue to you folks.

My MOO currently does not accept guest connections, and I enforce a
strict character creation policy wwhereby I insist that players mail
me saying that they are 18 or older, have read the information/FAQ
file, and understand that my MOO is of an adult nature.  Yes, I have
an adult-themed MOO. No, Bryan Snyder, I will not accept a character
request from you :P

Incidentally, yes, I do know that there's no real way to tell how aold
anyone is, or indeed who thy are at all. That's another issue
entirely. The point is that I at least have records saying that they
*claimed* to be who they say, etc.

My MOO has a disclaimer screen at the front, in the welcome message,
that explicitly states that we don't censor anything on the MOO and
are in no way responsible for what people say there, and encouraging
anyone who thinks they might be offended to go elsewhere.

So, quite apart from teh fact htat we can never know anything about
who's really on the other end of a telnet connection or an email, does
anyone have any experiences in this area or know of any m*'s that have
had similar issues, and do you think that if there was a guest login
room where they had the opportunity to read the FAQ and were told not
to continue unless they agreed with the rules, that would be enough to
cover my butt?


Kirrily Robert (Skud) - Twin Castles MOO,
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