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Re: [TALK] Guests or not?

>My MOO currently does not accept guest connections, and I enforce a
>strict character creation policy wwhereby I insist that players mail
>me saying that they are 18 or older, have read the information/FAQ
>file, and understand that my MOO is of an adult nature.  Yes, I have
>an adult-themed MOO. No, Bryan Snyder, I will not accept a character
>request from you :P
Well, since Byran Snyder! is my son, I have to respond.  He is a very
mature, decent kid.  In fact, I'm thinking of taking him to see Showgirls
when it comes out (he's been bugging me for quite a while).  So, please,
treat my son with some respect.
T. Pascal, King of Pascal    |  Bryan Snyder! is my son.  It was a dark night,
4527 Avocado St.             |  and I was lonely and drunk.  A trans-sexual
Los Angeles, CA 90027        |  happened to be there, and it happened.  I'm |  not proud, but that's the way it is.

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