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Re: [LPMOO] a few q's, post-install

> Ok, I've got LPMOO running and I'm quite happy with it.  But there's a
> couple of questions I have, which may or may not be answerable.
> 1. Mail doesn't seem to be working when I create characers. It's
> telling me it's run out of quota, but I have plenty of quota left...
> is this the quota on some other object, and if so what?

The open_network_connection() builtin function is documented to return E_QUOTA
when some machine resource limitation prevents the connection from being made.
In the case of LPMOO, E_QUOTA can be returned if the DNS resolver has not been
installed or is not working. Read the file doc/dns-resolver for more info
about the resolver.

If for some reason you can't or don't want to get the resolver working, you
may be able to work around the problem by using an IP address instead of a
hostname; for example, use "" instead of "localhost" in the code that
connects to the local maildrop to send mail.

> 2. People don't seem to be getting moved back to their homes when thy
> disconnect. Is this normal? and if not, how do I fix it.  Hell, even
> if it *is* normal I want it back how it was... no good having all
> these sleeping characters sitting round all kidns of strange places.

I don't think this is particular to LPMOO, but if you (or anyone) find
evidence to the contrary then I'll want to look into it.

> 3. Where do I find further docco for the table functions such as
> tableinsert(), eg if I want to know what kind of arguments one of the
> funcitons takes?  (yes I know tableinsert() is in teh tables file in
> teh doc directory, but it's a general kidna question) -- the docco
> that comes with it doesn't seem to explicitly tell us what the
> function wants and what it returns and so on, like the builtin help
> for the lambdaMOO stuff does.

The doc/builtins directory documents all of the builtins which are unique to
LPMOO or which have significant extra features.

Robert Leslie


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