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Re: [PROG] changing the value of player

ThwartedEfforts writes:
> set_task_perms() isn't caring about the value of player.  It seems that when
>  a call to a verb is made, the permissions of the calling verb are checked to
>  see if wizardly, and if not, revert the value of player to what it was
>  originally for the caller verb so it is not changed in the callee.
> But I also have to ask the question: What was behind this implementation?

Here's where it comes in handy that I didn't write the first version of MOO: I
get to blame *some* of the bad design decisions on Stephen!  :-)

Seriously, I never stumbled over this as a problem until just recently, in
Jupiter code, and I didn't think of this issue when I reimplemented what
Stephen had already done in his version.

Anyway, the answer to your questions is `history', not `design'.  I'll think
about simple ways to fix it, but I'm betting that it won't be trivial enough to
be worth my while to do it, since the issue comes up so rarely and the
workaround is so (relatively) painless.



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