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[Prog] Magic: The Moo.

	FYI (Beth was askin) I just recently re-scrapped the
Magic Moo idea.

	It's been burning in the back of me skull for a while
now, and I got a little bit of work done on it over this summer
haitus.. unfortunately I forgot to calculate the possible db
bloat concerns.  Let's do the math, shall we?

	Each card was to be a separate Object, descended from
Base Card, with code for :resolution and silly things like that.
I was in a bind for Artifact Creatures (for LPC does not like
multiple parents and I had both an Artifact and a Creature all
set up), but I figured out a workaround that may have worked.

	Now comes the math.  Each card, it appears, req's a
minimum of about 1k of memory.  Not too bad, but I had hoped that
unaltered children of objects with no real changes would require
far less in memory (like parent and owner etc) than 1k.  Nope,
not gonna do it.  I realized this fall that blank descendents
(copies?) take up a whack of memory, and any changes like a bit
more of course.

	Each player is almost expected to eventually have 1000
cards.  If you start with 100, it won't take THAT long to aquire
500-1000 cards.  Each 1000 cards required 1M of memory in round
numbers, and so basically I needed a meg Per Player... that's not
counting Frameworks launched, nothin.

	So, it's been scrapped... and Moo-cows folks can stop
wondering Why I'm tellin THEM...  I'm looking for object
simulating Card Games.  I expected to see a few online (at parc)
considering the number of social and gathering areas Moos have,
but I've not seen anything I can use.

	Anyone who has a Card Game Object that hey wouldn't mind
me biffing, cutting, polishing and using, I'd be happy to take
the object off your hands.  Pointers and ideas are welcome as
well, as are notes letting me know if such a request is impolite
here... I haven't seen any yet, so I dunno.

- Lionel R 'Bishop' Clark

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