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Re: #0:do_command()

> For command-line verbs, it seems that #0:do_command() sends its output
> before the output of the player's verb.  I want to find a way to make it
> (or something comparable to it) output _after_ the output of a
> command-line verb.

It should be very rare that #0:do_command should itself send output to
the player.  This verb call is supported to permit specialized in-DB
parsing (of whatever variety).

However, I wonder what use it would be for a general function called
-after- the verb is completed.  If my task suspends, what happens to
this afterward verb call?  I suppose I don't see what possible use it
could be.

+ I add a verb to myself.  What do you want to tell me afterwards, that's
  not part of the output of whatever command I used?
+ I start a database scanning task which completes in four hours.  What
  would your proposed code tell me?

Are there any models under which such a hook would be useful?

Seth / Blackbriar

Seth I. Rich
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