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Re: [Prog] Magic: The Moo.

(Only one comment here, not really on the MOO, so I deleted non-essential

At 12:54 AM 9/21/95, Lionel Clark wrote:
>        FYI (Beth was askin) I just recently re-scrapped the
>Magic Moo idea.
>        Each card was to be a separate Object, descended from
>Base Card, with code for :resolution and silly things like that.
>I was in a bind for Artifact Creatures (for LPC does not like
>multiple parents and I had both an Artifact and a Creature all
>set up), but I figured out a workaround that may have worked.

LPC does have multiple parents - The 'inherit' statement allows you to
inherit as many parents as you want.  If two or more parents have the same
function declared, though, you'll need to assign an identifier to each
parent (i.e. inherit <identifier> <object path>), and refer to the
identifer when you call the function.
My LPC knowledge is limited to DGD's implementation of the language,
though...If you're not using DGD's LPC (i.e. you're not using LPMOO), then
this may not be true for you.

Matt Pauker

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