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Re: NFS, multiple ports

On Wed, 20 Sep 1995, Jason Schlauch wrote:

> Is it possible to run a MOO using an NFS type arrangement and multiple 
> hosts to distribute CPU time?  I can think of several problems now trying 
> to have several servers operate on the same database.  Has there been any 
> attempt to do this, successful or not?  Does anybody have any thoughts on 
> the matter?

Hmm... if you figure out how, please let me know.  I'd like to stop by 
the local supercomputing center, and, when everything is closed for 
maitenance and nobody else is using the computers, network their 5 fastest 
Crays, and run LambdaMOO as a distributed process.  I'd like to see if 
it still lags or not. :-)



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