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Re: Create problem

> The prog manual states that when you create an object its flags are set to
> that of its parent.. on a MOO I'm working on it does not.
> For example,
> Flags of #1:  r f
> @create #1 called test  => #100
> Flags of #100:  <blank, zip>

No, the bits (flags, if you will) are -not- inherited.  The following is the
section from the Programmer's Manual:

| The owner of the new object is either the programmer (if OWNER is not
| provided), the new object itself (if OWNER was given as `#-1'), or OWNER
| (otherwise).
| The other built-in properties of the new object are initialized as
| follows:
|    name         ""
|    location     #-1
|    contents     {}
|    programmer   0
|    wizard       0
|    r            0
|    w            0
|    f            0
| In addition, the new object inherits all of the other properties on
| PARENT. [...]

The .r and .f bits to which you refer are set, by the server, both to be
zero in the
case of a raw create() call.  Since it's more likely you're creating using
the same settings are provided by the $recycler ($building_utils?) calls.

I think the confusion here is that the above bits/flags/properties (.owner,
.location, .contents, .programmer, .wizard, .r, .w, .f) are different from all
other properties in that they're not inherited, but specifically set for
each object.
You should expect to see a description inherited, but not a readable or
fertile bit.

Seth / Blackbriar
Seth I. Rich
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