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USR1 signal

Greets all.

I have a question... is it possible to change the meaning of the USR1 
signal, as the dump-child of the MOO process uses it ? We have been 
having trouble with our dumps and signal 11/10's (segmentation violation 
and bus errors respectivily). A dump would start, encounter one of those 
signals, quit, and give USR1 to the parent process. On this, the MOO 
would SHUTDOWN, dump, encounter the same signal the child did, PANIC, try 
to PANICDUMP, encounter the signal a third time, and quit crying about 

Now if the MOO wouldn't shutdown, we could try and figure out where the 
problem lies -- in the system, the scsi-interface (swap memory), the 
physical memory, or the MOO...

Does anyone know if changin the USR1 signal would be possible/useful/wise ?


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