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Re: Two Text-String Questions

Ian Macintosh scribbles :
#On Wed, 27 Sep 1995, James Renken wrote:
#> 1. How can I convert a number into words?  (For example, 94,000 into 
#> "ninety-four thousand")

Use the $string_utils:english_number(string) function.

=> "ninety-four thousand"

=> "negative one"

#I think there is a function that already does this.  If you don't find 
#it, wait a bit, as someone will undoubtably reply to this message with 
#the exact function :^)

Couldn't resist ...

#> 2. How can I remove certain text from a string?  (For example, "SOMETHING.html" 
#> into "SOMETHING")
#Use the strsub function.
#strsub("SOMETHING.html", ".html", "")    ->   "SOMETHING"

But, if you know something about the string you have to chop, 
you can simply use array operations (that might be faster in certain conditions)

fullname = "Panino.html";
l = length (fullname);
shortname = fullname[1..l-5];
extensione = fullname[l-3..l];

I hope I haven't said anything terribly wrong. 

Omaggi, Walter


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