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Re: moving object w/in a verb

G'day Chris...

On Thu, 28 Sep 1995, Chris Black wrote:

> I have an object under a Wizard account and I am trying to make it  
> move objects within a verb, I have tried what the manual says:
> move(object,newlocation);
> but it won't work, I have tried many variations on this as well as 

Okie... have you tried move(object, newlocation);
(I think the space might be important)...

However where you could also be experienceing difficulties is if 
object or newlocation is not a #<object>  ... or if the object numbers 
of the wrong type  (get type mismatch errors) i.e. if object is 
expressed as "#103" instead of #103.

I hope this helps...

I'll only prolly find that someone else has prolly already answered 
this successfully, and I was way off track...  but I hope it helps 
anyways...! <g>


Michael K.  (BeLFrY)

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