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Re: moving object w/in a verb

On Fri, 29 Sep 1995, Michael Kraus wrote:

> > I have an object under a Wizard account and I am trying to make it  
> > move objects within a verb, I have tried what the manual says:
> > move(object,newlocation);
> > but it won't work, I have tried many variations on this as well as 
> <etc>
> Okie... have you tried move(object, newlocation);
> (I think the space might be important)...

> However where you could also be experienceing difficulties is if 
> object or newlocation is not a #<object>  ... or if the object numbers 
> of the wrong type  (get type mismatch errors) i.e. if object is 
> expressed as "#103" instead of #103.

The space isn't important, the server doesn't care for whitespace outside 
of strings. It is important, tho, that the object number is in the object 
number form, or a variable which has the value of a object number. If you 
try using an argument like 'dobjstr', put a toobj() call around it. 
(instead of 'move(this, dobjstr)' you use 'move(this, toobj(dobjstr))')

It is a bit more, um, appropriate, in the LambdaCore at least and i think 
in the other Cores too, to use the :moveto() verb on each object. just 
use object:moveto(someplace). This way, the object can do nifty stuff if 
it wants to. Of course, don't use this if you don't want the object to be 
moved to have any influence, because it can kill the task if it wants to.


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