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Re: [SERVER] ALPHA release of LambdaMOO server 1.7.9

>> This is a great suggestion. Grepping code and fixing it is the best way to
>> discover hidden security holes.
>>  '@egrep [^:]match('  gave 'only' 122 verbs in BioMOO. Isn't backwards
>> incompatibility great?
>You are cordially invited to offer constructive suggestions and/or provide a
>working, efficient implementation of regexps.

The latter, obviously, I can't do.
As for constructive suggestions - I am trying to find a method to search
for this 'errors', and I'm calling others to help.
How about a temporary patch to the regex code, that would warn to the log
when 'wrong' regexps are used? Or, similarly, to the rx code, for
'suspicious' regexps?

>> It would be great if people posted what changes are needed in LambdaCore.
>> Personally, I think this is a huge waste of time. Sometimes, broken seems
>> to be better.
>How nice.  The single individual who complained most and loudest about bugs in
>the old match() implementation thinks doing something about it was a bad idea.
>Boy, it's enough to make one feel really appreciated.

Ok, I was whining, breaking rule #foo of netiquette, i.e. 'never whine in a
mailing list'.
Sorry for the whining. I guess it's quite obvious that what I was
complaining loudly about old failures, and that the 'simple' modification
for upgrading wasn't precisely welcome in the circumstances...

>Look, Gustavo.  I'm doing the best I can to try to find a good solution to this
>problem.  If you'd like to offer up something constructive in return for this
>free service, please do so.

Your work is, as always, deeply appreciated, and you know that.
As for something constructive in return, I am offering FUP. Also a free service.

Gustavo Glusman               Founder/administrator of BioMOO
-- BioMOO: telnet 8888


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