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Re: Robots

I have been toying with the idea of writing a robot that would run on
a different machine that the MOO itsel, and it would log in like a
humna player, and intereact as a human player, but it would be a
program.  I am considering writing it in CLIPS so that I could use a
production rule system to respond to situations.  Since CLIPS is free,
it could be shared and expanded on by the internet community at large.
The reason for this post to emphasize that a robot does not need to
run as MOO code, but should more properly log in via telnet and play
like any other player.  It is not part of the MOO, but an agent posing
as a player, just like a human.  The advantage with this approach is
that you can wirte it in any language, and it uses resources on its
host, not the MOO's host machine.

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