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Re: Robots

At 09:07 AM 9/1/96 PDT, you wrote:
>On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Robert J. Brown wrote:
>> I have been toying with the idea of writing a robot that would run on
>> a different machine that the MOO itsel, and it would log in like a
>> humna player, and intereact as a human player, but it would be a
>> program.  I am considering writing it in CLIPS so that I could use a
>I beleive that's how Wizash did TwiddleDink on River.

There is free c-code available: It's called Colin and is from the Maas-Neotek
family. It logs in to any MUD server and acts like a player. It does
dynamic-mapping of the world and learns about players, objects and rooms. 
You can talk to it etc... The code is written for TinyMUD but can easily be 
adapted for MOOs-. Best example: Newt on Tiny (I think he's down right now)

This thread started off with the question for MOO-code bots. Well, I think
that approach shouldn't be underestimated if the thing does only little things.
And then goes to sleep for a longer period. After the first post, I decided 
to write a generic pet this weekend. I mean, what do pets do? Run around, eat, 
sleep, bark (or whatever) and hunt. They only do stuff when you either feed
or pet them. Then they act for a certain period of time and go to sleep again. 
This can be forked without problem! Altough, if you want to have sophisticated 
pets like Fudge on Tiny, you better stick with outside-approaches.


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