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$thing should do recycling

I'm in a big struggle with perms. I want to create a generic food / beveridge 
from $thing. When one eats it, it should recycle itself. Therefor I have a verb
'eat' or 'drink' that calls player:_recycle(dobj)
This works fine if the player that generates the obj is from the same class
as the player that 'uses' it (..are from the same parent) - let's say two 
programmers. But as soon as a programmer gives the obj to a player, the player's
parent does not define _recycle. What is a good way to get around this, without 
calling #4:_recycle explicitly? (I assume there are already some food objects 
around out there...)

And when I'm at it:
Is there a way to dump an obj to an ascii textfile? Or what's the best way to 
move an obj from one DB to another?


Discl: maybe this would suit to calves more but I can't get to that right now.
       So I take the risk...


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