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Re: $network:nslookup?

RavenStar wrote:
> Heya,
> I was wondering if the following has been implimented anywhere:
> $network.nameserver => "<IP address of a nameserver that the MOO can query>"
> $network:nslookup => a routine for querying $network.nameserver which
> would take a string as args and spit out nameserver information based on
> its contents.
> If not, then could someone maybe explain to me what would go into
> developing such a useful function?

I don't know anywhere where this is implemented, but
what I posted (at least I think I did bout a month ago...)
splitting up the network builtins would work.  Basically
I said let things like onc take only resolved IP address
and connection_name would only return resolved IP addresses.
Basically they wouldn't do DNS anymore, there would be
a builtin to do it, then you could decide in-MOO if
you wanted to do it.  Plus this would help things
like say you *list a player and it puts ""
into the list.  Then later on they come back, but DNS
can't get the host's name, just the IP, which isnt in
the list, so they get past...  If that got implemented
it'd be a good time to add a dns query function that
would return the whole record, etc. etc.

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