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The best way for @beep

set_connection_option() is ok for making a @beep command?
I dislike to do it this way, lot error checking.
I preffer to use a wiz read only prop named .bell being a string with
ascii value 7
I know to ouput this char to a connection using binary conns...
Is the only way to enter this value in de core, to hack it?
I know that Lambdacode manual onky talks about binary conns and not
about hack :) But I still think this is a more robust way to implement
things like ANSI color and beeps than using a dangerous binary conn.
Maybe binary conns are fine for other things like file exchange with
other sites.

I ve seen Dark Owl's ANSI system 2.1 and does it this way, but looks
like a plugin to <1.8.0 server. Maybe with >1.8.0 it is done differnet

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