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Re: Bb's Wish List (Sept 96)

>Ok, here's my latest wish list for the server:
> - connected_seconds() should return the number of seconds a
>   player object as been connected.  I don't see why idle_seconds() should
>   and connected_seconds() shouldn't.  This can be very useful in this
>   using MOO to handle strange and miraculous network utilities.

I agree.

> - connection_object(OBJ player) should, for an object which has an active
>   network connection, return the listening object through which that
>   is connected.  If foo (#234) is connected, I'd like to know if foo came
>   through $login or $httpd or wherever -- so, for example, I can throw
>   right kind of text his way in $handle_uncaught_error.

It says what port the connection came in through in connection_name. 
Though, I do think that it a bf like connection_info() that returns a list
would be more useful than connection_name().

> - I'd like to see a -v command-line option added which just outputs
>   data as server_version() does.  (I only have, like, a dozen
>   lying around, it would be nice to be able instantly to know their

Cool idea, and should be very trivial to impliment.

> - (This is a rehash of a long-ago suggestion.)  It would be nice if the
>   database dump was in gzip format.  It could be compressed at dump and
>   decompressed during startup, but in any case it would automatically be
>   smaller and yet it would still be hand-editable for those of us who
>   (Maybe this could be a compile-time option?  The server should IMO read
>   compressed or uncompressed DBs.)

Interesting idea, though it would put more overhead on the server during
dump time, which is the last place where I want to put more overhead on the
server.  I'm happy just sticking to compressing the old databases.


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