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Re: The best way for @beep

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, Antonio Martos wrote:

> What I did to solve that is to store the strings in "binary" (It is
> posible after the hack) making a simple verb that makes the
> substitutions once. The problem is that this new prop must be -r or else
> anyone can get and use an ansi code, and this looks dangerous.
> Maybe filtering notify() can help.


We had a problem with people who were smart enough to just eval one of the
verbs which did substitutions, and got an escape code back:

eval me.escape = $ansi:substitute("Blah[%red]Zoo")[5]
=> ""
(but this was an escape...)

Or bypassing their :notify(). The 1.8.0 option is far better, there aren't
any codes accesible /in/ the database.



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