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Re: The best way for @beep

On Sat, 7 Sep 1996 wrote:

> Hia,
> We had a problem with people who were smart enough to just eval one of the
> verbs which did substitutions, and got an escape code back:
> eval me.escape = $ansi:substitute("Blah[%red]Zoo")[5]
> => ""
> (but this was an escape...)
Ack!  Never write a verb that returns a string containing non-ascii
characters.  The only verb in my ANSI system (well, in 2.1, before I fixed
it to use binary strings) that accesses the escape and beep props did a raw
notify() of the text after being called from the players' :notify, instead
of the build-in so the text still went through w/o their :notify normally.


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