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Corrupt Database

	Good Morning,

  Sometime on Sunday morning, the MOO of my university crashed; upon 
restart a cryptic message was left in the MOOs log.  Here is what it told 

<Normal Database Loading Spam>
Sep 15 02:43:13: LOADING: Reading 9476 MOO programs...
Sep 15 02:43:28: LOADING: Finished reading 5000 programs...
Sep 15 02:43:42: *** PARSER: Line 10:  parse error
Sep 15 02:43:42: *** DB_READ: Unparsable program #6885:0, i = 9427.
Sep 15 02:43:42: *** Cannot parse database file!

  My question is, what would cause some section of verb code to become 
corrupt?  I mean, verbs are only stored if they are compilable, so how 
could it happen that a saved version of code would become corrupt.  I'm 
to assume that editing the DB by hand to maliciously corrupt it, is out 
of the question, since I can not even load the DB to fix it.
  Any help that you can offer in decyphering this is appreciated.

  Oh, BTW, this question is in reference to LambdaMOO server Version 
1.7.9p2 (Ya some people are still using it ... :)  )


		Eric Derbyshire (in charge of fixing this mess)

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