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Corrupt Database (Answer)

	Good Morning,

  Well, needless to say, I believe I have found the problem.  I had 
fergotten about one of the greatest text editors in the Solaris system, 
that's right, textedit.  It took the 18Meg file and loaded it with out 
any problem.  As I searched for the verb that appeared to give me trouble 
(#6885:0), I found that line 10 contained some cross reference into 
itself (or one of the other MOO db's)  Well, it suffices to say that the 
information from that point on is lost.
  It appears that the problem itself was not a MOO related problem, but 
instead a file system problem.  Oh well, that's what back-ups are for.

	Still grumbling,

		Eric Derbyshire (blaming Solaris for this mess)

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