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Bb's Wish List (Sept 96)

Ok, here's my latest wish list for the server:

 - connected_seconds() should return the number of seconds a not-yet-connected
   player object as been connected.  I don't see why idle_seconds() should work
   and connected_seconds() shouldn't.  This can be very useful in this day of
   using MOO to handle strange and miraculous network utilities.

 - connection_object(OBJ player) should, for an object which has an active
   network connection, return the listening object through which that object
   is connected.  If foo (#234) is connected, I'd like to know if foo came in
   through $login or $httpd or wherever -- so, for example, I can throw the
   right kind of text his way in $handle_uncaught_error.

 - I'd like to see a -v command-line option added which just outputs the same
   data as server_version() does.  (I only have, like, a dozen moo executables
   lying around, it would be nice to be able instantly to know their versions.)

 - (This is a rehash of a long-ago suggestion.)  It would be nice if the MOO's
   database dump was in gzip format.  It could be compressed at dump and
   decompressed during startup, but in any case it would automatically be
   smaller and yet it would still be hand-editable for those of us who do that.
   (Maybe this could be a compile-time option?  The server should IMO read
   compressed or uncompressed DBs.)

Plus I'd like it if, somehow, the server could manage to support my overwhelming
desire to have Quinn luv me all nite.

Seth I. Rich -
                                 There is nothing more precious than
Rabbits on walls, no problem.    a tear of true repentance.

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