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Re: [SERVER] Wish list--tick charging for built-ins

On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, Christopher Unkel wrote:

[about builtins and tick counting and stuff like that]
> Implementing this should be relatively simple -- just add
> ticks_remaining() and charge_ticks() functions to the interface on
> execute.h.  Only built-ins that want to charge ticks above the normal
> number for a built-in need to use the functions.

I am also interested in doing this for builtin function wrappers...
verbs on #0.  I once wrote a set_ticks_left() function (wiz-only, but
you probably could have guessed that).  I think it would be nice to
specify tasks that don't tick out.  Say the MOO was really lagging
and a wizard wanted to figure out what was going on.  If he could
do some sort of emergency wizard mode, it would be very useful.
Instead of doing a '@forked' followed by killing a bunch of tasks
that a malicious character spawned, he could just type @ewm, which
would invoke a non-suspending, blocking-when-reading task that would,
through the use of prompts, do stuff.  Important wizard stuff.  Or
maybe just non-useful stuff.

Anyway... just one of my crazy ideas...


Nate Massey


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