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Re: MOO and HTTP


        Thanks for all the replies on this topics. I received not less than
10 replies. It was a great excitement to me to see that there are many works
done in this area of my imagination(WWW-MOO).

        I will like to apologize to those who may feel irritated by my
questions; especially for Colin McCormick. I find Colin McCormick's proposal
interesting as well.

        I did go thru' all the recommended sites for a visit and found that
many WWW-MOOs are either built on top of MOO with WWW as the background
works or they run in parallel such that there are two windows needed to be
opened; one for telnet and one for WWW contents. That is fine.

        However, I suspected that these designs were due to the limitations
of the state-of-the-arts of WWW technology, at 1-2 years ago, which may not
provide excellent Applets and VRML technologies yet. I tried out World Chat,
Palace, Java Animation Applets and some VRML demos. I found that WWW is
presently matured enough for better WWW-MOO or WOO.

        The thinkings I have right now include :

        1.      MOO at the front end (many people done so) or
        2.      WWW at the front end.

        For alternative (1), we may be tied down by the telnet session but
it is a connection-oriented session. There is nothing wrong with telnet but
the world is currently talking about 'http://*:*/*'. The buzzword is 'HTTP'.

        For alternative (2), we may have other problems faced due to the
connectionless-oriented communication of HTTP. HTTP's connectionless give
many problems to library systems supporting ANSI Z39.50 protocol used in the
library community presently. ANSI Z39.50 is a connection-oriented protocol
with a state machine built in it, and MOO is seemingly likewise to me. So to
speak, if we will to put WWW at the front end, we are integrating
connectionless with connection protocols. Will it works ? Please advise me
on this if you have done someworks in this areas.

        Has anyone down there integrated MOO into WWW with either NAPI(from
Netscape) or ISAPI(from Microsoft) ? What opinions do you have ?

        Sorries again if I brought up some primitive questions here.

Soo Yin :)

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