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Re: MOO and HTTP

        I did go thru' all the recommended sites for a visit and found that
many WWW-MOOs are either built on top of MOO with WWW as the background
works or they run in parallel such that there are two windows needed to be
opened; one for telnet and one for WWW contents. That is fine.

        However, I suspected that these designs were due to the limitations
of the state-of-the-arts of WWW technology, at 1-2 years ago, which may not
provide excellent Applets and VRML technologies yet. I tried out World Chat,
Palace, Java Animation Applets and some VRML demos. I found that WWW is
presently matured enough for better WWW-MOO or WOO.

Hardly.  HTTP still does what it's designed for.  It's a stateless 
transaction-oriented protocol.  When you're in the MOO, you have both state 
and your interaction is session-oriented.  Saying the technology of WWW has 
improved enough to support what you're looking at doing is like saying 
microwave ovens have matured enough to balance your checkbook.  Sure you can 
rip out the microprocessor and put in some new PROMS, but it's not made for 

This is not to say that we can't use a different protocol on the 
ever-expanding definition what makes the World Wide Web.  Chaco 
Communications makes a client called Pueblo that does embedded graphics, 
sound and hyperlinks, and in HTML, but it uses telnet to transfer it all. 
 (actually, it doesn't use _enough_ of a protocol, but that's an argument 
for another day).  You can't use Netscape or IE to view it, but that could 
be construed as a good thing.

        Has anyone down there integrated MOO into WWW with either NAPI(from
Netscape) or ISAPI(from Microsoft) ? What opinions do you have ?

Both proprietary protocols by companies that say quite plainly that they do 
not support their UNIX platforms.  Most MOOs run on UNIX.  You can safely 
assume that most MOO development is going to take place on UNIX platforms, 
with the exception of MacMOO, which has a small community of its own.

        Sorries again if I brought up some primitive questions here.

Actually no, questions about integrating stateless and state protocols 
aren't quite "primitive" to me anyway.  :)  Glad to have you on board.

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