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Re: Changing preposition specifiers

Jefferson M. Dubrule wrote:

> I've hacked a MOO server to be french & english.  The easiest way to do
> this is to hack the first few lines of 'db_verbs.c':
> static const char  *prep_list[] = {
>     "with/using/avec",
>     "at/to/a",
>     "in front of/devant",
>     "in/inside/into/dans",
>     "on top of/on/onto/upon/sur",
Ok, thanks, I tried this and works fine.

> However, I agree with you about the in-db option.
> Perhaps $server_options.prep_with = "with/using/avec"
> would be the easiest way of doing this.
Maybe a list of strings in the form 
$server_options.prep = {"with/using/...","at/to...",...}

this is how is implemented in source code and avoids the dependence
Maybe someone wants to replace the english prepositions instead of
making aliases.
A question...
	Does the server 'know' what each preposition means? Can you enter more
or less prepositions or change the order?


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