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Re: Changing preposition specifiers

--- Antonio Martos wrote:
I am running a Moo server in spanish language with lambda 1.8.0p5
I want to change the preposition strings to fit spanish in a better way.
Is there any way without changing the server sources?
Does the server support aliases for prepositions? It would be better if
usual english strings are also supported.
May I suggest to include a prop in $server_options with a list of the
valid prep specifiers and aliases in the form:
allowing wizards to customize them in future versions of lambda?

It is quite weird to type:
 pon pajaro amarillo inside reloj de cuco
en lugar de:
 pon pajaro amarillo dentro de reloj de cuco
Which is an "almost" correct statement in Spanish
--- end of quoted material ---

I've hacked a MOO server to be french & english.  The easiest way to do 
this is to hack the first few lines of 'db_verbs.c':

static const char  *prep_list[] = {
    "in front of/devant",
    "on top of/on/onto/upon/sur",

However, I agree with you about the in-db option. 
Perhaps $server_options.prep_with = "with/using/avec"
would be the easiest way of doing this.

-manta (got accents to work <yay>)


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