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Re: Changing preposition specifiers

--- Brack wrote:
you can enter more I think, but that might risk compatibility... the
database file remembers them by number, so changing the order will cause
bad things to happen.
--- end of quoted material ---

Changing the order is bad, because that will turn "look foo in bar" into "look
foo with bar" or something.  However, adding prepositions will not be a problem
(unless you want portable code) because of some wierd code in
$code_utils:_fix_preps().  You can look at it, but I'm sure that this is one of
the most obfuscated ways of counting to 15 :)

After you recompile and restart the server, eval $code_utils:_fix_preps(), and
it will dig up the new preps and stick them into the database.


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