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	When a db checkpoints, it'll return an argument back to the MOO.
So, when writing #0:checkpoint_finished, you can check for args[1].  If
so, then your checkpoint ran fine.  If not, then your checkpoint failed.
How can you find out why it failed?  You can check your log file and
find out.  In-MOO, I didn't think there's a way.  The only way I can think
of is to have the FUP package installed and run 'tail' on your log, pipe
it into a file and read it back into the MOO.
	Anyone else have an idea to find out in-MOO?  Maybe if we can have
the checkpoint return the reason as an argument too (instead of just
returning 1)?  Eric?  Suggestions anyone?

	Junky's 'R' Us


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