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NEWS: Patch Archive updated [SERVER]

Well, I'll be the first to admit I'd gotten rather far behind in my 
maintenance of the MOO patch archive, but after most of a night's worth of 
work, I think it's finally back (more or less) up to date!  I scrounged 
through my own back archives of the MOO-Cows list and pulled out all the 
patches I could find which appeared to be ready-for-prime-time, and have added
them to the archive.  In addition, a couple of bug-fix changes for my pAS1 and
pAS3 patches have been applied, as mentioned in my previous message on that 
subject.  Lemme know if I missed anything and I'll try to get it up too.

Following is a listing of the patches which have been added or modified in the
Semi Official MOO Patch Repository and Archive (all of the following are in 
the MOO-1.7.8 directory):

  moo-1.7.8-bib.patch         - Patch to add bytes_in_buffer() builtin
  moo-1.7.8-chrasc.patch      - Patch to add chr() and asc() builtins
  moo-1.7.8-cnotify.patch     - Patch to add cnotify() builtin
  moo-1.7.8-fBSD.patch        - Patch to compile under FreeBSD 2.0.5
  moo-1.7.8-pAS1.patch        - Patch to allow non-suspending read() calls
  moo-1.7.8-regex.txt         - Bug fix for regexp matching

(the regex patch is just the thing Pavel posted a while back about checking 
for a -2 response from the matching routine.  As it mentions it's by no means 
a full fix for all the regexp problems with 1.7.8, but it's still worth 
applying, at least until 1.7.9 comes out of alpha.)

For a full list of all the patches available, please take a look at the README
or index.html files contained in the appropriate directories at the FTP site.

PLEASE NOTE:  Once patches for 1.7.9 start being made I am planning on phasing
out (and getting rid of) the 1.7.7 patch directory.  IF ANYONE IS STILL 
USING PATCHES FROM THAT DIRECTORY, please let me know what they are and what you 
needed to do to get them to work, so I can move them to the 1.7.8 or 
1.7.9 directory before getting rid of the other 1.7.7 stuff.  If anyone is 
still using a 1.7.7 server, well, all I can say is "get with the times", I

As always, the Semi Official MOO Patch Repository and Archive is located at: in the /users/ro/riche/MOO/patches directory.

Those wishing to access it (and my other MOO stuff) via web browser should 
take a look at:

     Alex Stewart - - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
            "Difficult answers lead to intelligent questions."

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