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NEWS: MOO 1.7.9alpha1 for OS/2 [SERVER]

Well, I wanted to take a look at the 1.7.9 server, and I figured what could be
a better stress test for the new version anyway than to try to compile and run
it under OS/2, so I did..

..And as a few people already know, I succeeded (without much work, I might 
add..  it actually compiled without a squawk when I set up the raw_config.h 
file properly (I didn't have a version of sh for OS/2 handy, so I just edited 
things by hand based on the result of configure on a Solaris box.. I might 
add that I had to undo several of the NDECL tweaks and such which were neeeded
for Solaris but aren't for OS/2, which I guess means OS/2 is better unix 
than Solaris? :) (I always suspected as much)))

ANYway..  The main point of this message is to announce that I also went ahead
and pulled together everything anyone else who wants to do the same thing 
needs to compile LambdaMOO 1.7.9alpha1 under OS/2, and have put it up for FTP 
from my FTP directories.

The OS/2 EMX 0.9a MOO porting kit is at in the
/users/ro/riche/MOO/os2 directory as  For those who just
want to run it, I've also put a compiled executable in that directory as well.

Have fun!

     Alex Stewart - - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
            "Difficult answers lead to intelligent questions."

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