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Re: Verb Confusion

On Thu, 5 Oct 1995, Sandra Batista wrote:

> What is the difference between a verb such as "say hello" and a verb such 
> as "@move #101 to #102"?

There is no difference.

> What is the difference between how these commands are parsed?

Again, there is no difference between either of these verbs.

> How is  the "@" before the verb parsed? 

It is not parsed.

Basically, the verb [ @move any to any ] has been defined in the one 
case, and the verb [ say any any any ] has been defined in the other case.

So really, as far as the LambdaMOO server is concerned, it treats them 

> On which objects are verbs preceded by "@" in a command line defined?

They can be made on any object, just like any other type of verb.

> Any help, explanations, references clarifying this confusion would be 
> greatly appreciated.

Let me try.

The only reason why you find some verb called [ @move ], and then another 
verb called [ move ], is regarding the 'virtual reality' concept.

Here's an example.

I create a trapdoor in a room, and then cover it with a mat.  On the mat, 
I define a verb called [ move ].  When you say [ move mat ], you get a 
message like this:

'You casually lean down, and move the mat, exposing a trapdoor leading 
down into the unknown.'

Obviously, I also do some other things in the verb to now display the 
trapdoor in the room description, etc.

However, sometimes I want to manipulate the mat in some strange way. 
Like, for example, I decide to change the entrance to my secret
underground lab, and want to move both the trapdoor and the mat, to a
different room. 

Now, this type of 'manipulation' is not what happens in the normal course 
of events, and is something that nobody else should be able to do, except 
me.  So I write a verb called [ @move ] which allows me to move the mat 
and the trapdoor to different rooms.

In summary, @<verbs> are verbs that do things that are impossible in real 
life, and normal verbs are supposed to be things that you can do in real 

I trust that the subject is a bit clearer now :^)



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