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Re: Verb Confusion

>From: Sandra Batista <>
>What is the difference between a verb such as "say hello" and a verb such 
>as "@move #101 to #102"? What is the difference between how these 
>commands are parsed? How is  the "@" before the verb parsed? 
>On which objects are verbs preceded by "@" in a command line defined?

Well, this is just a convention.  There's nothing absolute in the
language about this.

The verbs without @ are the verbs that implement the virtual reality.
These are verbs like look, give, drop, take, and movement "verbs"
like east, west n

The @verbs are informational verbs like @who, @display, @dig and such
that are rather like meta-verbs.  They are verbs that display or
change information about the MOO itself.

This isn't very clear but that's the best I've been able to
figure out.


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