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@make-guest probs

Hi all... currently, I've set up a new MOO running LambdaMOO 1.7.9alpha
 along with LambdaCore-20Sep94.db and everything has been moving along
 pretty smoothly.  I have had, however, one problem... when using @make-
 guest, I get this traceback:

@make-guest test
#57:@make-guest (this == #84), line 29: type mismatch
(End of traceback)

Now, I would be glad to try and work this one out by myself, but, however,
 I don't know what `type mismatch' means.  The code to @make-guest hasn't
 been altered since I started using this core and I can't find this error
 in the arch-wiz faq so I'm coming to you with it.  A sampling of the code
 of #57:@make-guest:

27: else
28:   new = $quota_utils:bi_create($guest, $hacker);
29:   new:set_name(guestname);
30:   new:set_aliases(guestaliases);
44: endif

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated...


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