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Re: @make-guest probs

>> @make-guest test
>> #57:@make-guest (this == #84), line 29: type mismatch
>> (End of traceback)
>> A sampling of the code of #57:@make-guest:
>> 27: else
>> 28:   new = $quota_utils:bi_create($guest, $hacker);
>> 29:   new:set_name(guestname);
>Well, there's only one thing which could throw an E_TYPE in line 29:  the
>value of the "new" variable is something other than an object (you can't call
>verbs on things which aren't objects).  My suggestion is you find out what
>$quota_utils:bi_create is returning (an error of some kind (maybe E_QUOTA?),
>perhaps?), and why what it's returning isn't an object, and work from there..

Or, that 'test' is already in use as a name, e.g. by a previous test.

Information about generic player($player):set_name
set_name(newname) attempts to change to newname
  => E_PERM   if you don't own this
  => E_INVARG if the name is already taken or prohibited for some reason
  => E_NACC   if the player database is not taking new names right now.
  => E_ARGS   if the name is too long (controlled by $login.max_player_name)

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