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in-db parsing problem

Ouch... I've been working with in-db parsing for a while, and I can't believe
I never encountered this problem before.  Suppose you have an object frob
which is a $thing.  $thing has a verb drop <this none none>.  If your in-db
parser wants to drop the frob, you call:

So far so good.  Now suppose frob is also a child of $container. 
$container has a drop <any in this> verb.

Try to drop the container.  My parser knows there's a drop <this none none>
and and a drop <any in this> and it wants to call the drop <this none none>.
But doing frob:drop will always call the <any in this> cause it's on the
child (generic container).

Is there any way around this?  (I can rewrite $container in the scripting
language I'm using in-db parsing to implement... but I'm wondering if
there's a more general way to solve the problem.)

-- Amy

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