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Re: How to create my own MOO space

On Wed, 25 Oct 1995 wrote:

> How do you do?  I am Kwansik Rho who is majoring in Ed. media and computers at
> ASU.  I have a research concering mathematics and MOO.  The subjects of the stu
> dy will be ASU undergraduate students who are attending algebra class.  They ar
> e going to have small group discussion via (hopefully) Lambdamoo.  I found the
> Lambdamoo code from public domain.  I am planning to down load that code and in
> stall it one of the server at ASU so that I can create the cyberspace for the s
> tudents exclusively.  The problems that I am facing are (a) how I can install t
> he program in the server and (b) how do I set it up properly so that the studen
> ts can use it with comfort. The total number of the students will be about 120.
> I will be greatful if I can hear some answer for this.  I appreciate your time.

Creating and maintaining a MOO is a very time-consuming process, 
especially in the beginning.  It would be wise to ask around for an 
experienced wizard who can advise you on technical as well as social 

Assuming your system will have no problems compiling MOO, here are the 
basic instructions:

Download and untar the file:
If you want your MOO to be able to send mail, go into the MOO-1.7.9p2 
directory, and edit the file 'options.h'  Look through the definitions 
for the line reading:  /* #define OUTBOUND_NETWORK */    Get rid of the 
/* and */. Save the file and quit.

At the prompt, type 'configure'... then type 'make'

When the configure and make are done, download the most recent core from  ..unzip it, and rename it to a more appropraite 
name, like MyMOO.db   Then type 'restart <moo-name> [<port>]'  The 
MOO-name will be the name of the file without the .db suffix.

If you're confused, get someone else to compile :)

- Kipp


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