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Re: How to bing the $registration_db up to date?

>>> I've always wondered why $registration_db doesn't have a :load method like
>>> $player_db does... Perhaps a modification of $player_db:load would suffice.
>> $registration_db contains data which isn't stored on the player object, and
>> thus a :load would necessarily result in lost data.  Unless it merely added
>> to the existing data.  Hm.
>I can mistake, but doesn't player.email_address the same data?
>so it is possible, but everyone should have an email address in it, 
>otherwise it wouldn't work.

Well, I just did a $registration_db:find_all_keys and $registration_db:find_all
 on E_MOO.
Here's part of what I see:

=> {{#115, ""}, {$owner, "Cause this is a test!"}}

=> {{#141}, {#523, "Secondary non-wizard character for ownership purposes."}}

Where #115 is a player I created (I'm #2 ($owner))
Apparently, this is the player who has said email address, #115, some blank
 field (everyone's entry on E_MOO for this second field is empty or
 non-existant), and if there is a second element, it contains other people
 who have that address, and why.

Get this:
=> {{#279, ""}}

Yep, that's because of the differences between @make-player and @request...
 someone goofed and #279 is registered as having an email address of 'for'...

Well, I'd say that being able to load the $registration_db would be a good
 thing... there is no reason you'd need to clear the entire db first, just
 find and insert all the elements, making sure email addresses point to the
 correct objects... keep the comments (of course, if you don't allow second
 characters, this wouldn't be a problem).  Seth, I never said a copy of
 $player_db:load to $registration_db:load and change it to just load email
 addresses... I did say a modification, whatever that modification maybe.  I
 never even implied that a loss of data was necessary.

Mmh... the value of the comments is questional also, I mean, is there a MOO
 besides Lambda where you actually NEED to know what's up with people having
 the same email? :)
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