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Re: Editors & Robots

David HM Spector wrote:
> 2) Does anyone know of any ports of Julia-type robots to MOO..? I am
> esp. intersted in these types of robot, rather than MOOcode ones,
> because they can be made to use the MOO as just a part of their
> exisence, rather than live solely in the MOO...

You can find all the robot material you need at:
For MOO, you will have to do some hacking (unless someone is
willing to share their MOO-version).  I had outlined some things
that needed to be done to get a robot to log in and stand around. 
Don't know what I did with the information.

I'm not sure why robots have been so universal hated.  During the
peak of robot interest, there were frequent reports of robot
abuse and even of setting robot traps; all this was described in
detail in some robot papers that I had links to-- but now 
the links are gone. 


maddog's studio
Frank Crowell


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